Feelin’ the Love

Donna Fulmer

I was pleasantly surprised by two emails I received yesterday. Both demonstrated that the merchant knew something about me and was using that information to engage me and enhance our relationship.

The first, from Ideeli, was an invitation to take a survey, including a $25 incentive. 


While I have ordered from Ideeli in the past, it has not been frequently or recently, and this win-back tactic made it feel like they genuinely wanted to know what they could do to get me to purchase again. They asked not only what they could do better, but what similar sites I purchased from and what it was about those sites that I liked most.

I will be eager to see how my subsequent Ideeli daily emails will reflect the information I shared.

The next was from Dermstore. The subject line, “Get Gifted on Your Birthday!” got my attention, and I knew exactly what I would be asked to do upon opening the email. I had apparently already completed some preference center questions (although not recently), but not my birthday, and Dermstore was reaching out to get that information specifically. Smart move, as I’m a sucker for a discount and will most likely purchase based on my special birthday offer. 


When I clicked through to provide my birthday information, Dermstore also made it easy to sign in via Facebook and to click through to discover the Daily Deal and/or to learn more about a Refer A Friend program. The overall experience endeared me to Dermstore and will make me anticipate the company’s emails just a little bit more.   

As a subscriber to numerous sites that email on a daily basis, I am bombarded with emails touting what each is featuring on any given day, but rarely what they are offering me personally. Both of these emails stood out because they seemed to be more about me than the merchant, and don’t we all just want to feel the love?