Results are rolling in on the effect of Gmail tabs

While it is still too early to make a definitive judgement, it seems that Gmail tabs may not be so bad for email marketers after all. Last week, Internet Retailer reported the good news in an article citing the results of a Return Path survey, “Gmail’s new tabs for filtering e-mail have done marketers little harm,”

It was the title of the subsequent article in WebProNews, however, that told the most important story, “Gmail users who were already engaging with marketing emails are doing so more with the new tabbed interface.”

Gmail tabs actually appear to be benefiting email marketers who send engaging emails, which is great news, but are having the opposite effect on lesser engaged subscribers. The takeaway is clear - whatever you’re doing right, do more of it! 

So who’s already engaging with your emails and what are they responding to? It’s critical to know not just to maintain and grow engagement with Gmail subscribers, but to optimize your email campaigns overall. In fact, now is the perfect time to begin closely monitoring your results and testing what works best to maximize email engagement in preparation for the busy holiday sending season.  

Another important finding from the Return Path survey is that the impact of Gmail tabs may not be as great as anticipated because of the growing number of emails being opened on mobile devices which are not affected by Gmail tabs, That speaks to the importance of responsive design, which is something you should also be considering if you haven’t already.

Our recent whitepaper, “Reach Your Holiday Shoppers the Right Way with Reponsive Design,” and upcoming webinar, “Reaching Holiday Shoppers with Responsive Design" will both tell you what it is, how it works, why it’s so important and how to do it effectively.

There are sure to be more studies and comments on the effects of Gmail tabs in the coming months, and we will continue to comment on them. Stay tuned to Listrak Insights for the latest.   


12 Days Campaigns

Megan Ouellet

One of my favorite holiday email strategies is the “12 Days” campaign, and this week I’m going to show you the campaign that MCM Electronics sent last year. 

The campaign was called the 12 Days of Savings and it was sent every week day beginning Friday, Nov. 30.

The first email was sent the week after Black Friday:

The second email was sent the following Monday, Dec. 3:

The third email was sent the following day, Tuesday, Dec. 4:

The great thing about this 12 Days of Savings campaign is that each day features different types of products, yet each email links to the interactive flyer and holiday gift guide. It was a great way to promote different products in a unified campaign that kept customers engaged day after day.

Tomorrow’s post will feature emails 4-6. Stay tuned!