Welcome to the first installment of our new Partner Perspectives blog post series. Under this header you will find valuable information shared by our omnichannel marketing partners who, like Listrak, are dedicated to helping retailers succeed.

Our debut post comes courtesy of our friends at Groove: 

Big Data Insights: Identifying & Retaining Your Best Customers

Some online customers are better than others – there, I said it. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. These are the customers that spend more money, buy more often, and think your products and services are fantastic; they’re your unofficial brand ambassadors and their continued support for your business is essential to maximizing revenue potential, particularly over the long-term. But just how important are these “best customers” for eTailers as we push forward in 2014? How do you properly identify this group and then actually retain them? To tackle these questions, I joined forces with big data pro and Content Marketer Janessa Lantz of RJMetrics, an emerging business intelligence SaaS based out of neighboring Philadelphia that has partnered with a number of impressive brands that include Bonobos,, Frank & Oak, and Threadless, among others. 

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Last week, we introduced our Strategic Thinking series with a blog post from Listrak Senior Solutions Consultant Julie Wahl on maximizing your modal popup. Today, Julie shares additional tips for acquiring new subscribers.


While our experience with hundreds of retailers clearly shows that there is no single better way to acquire new subscribers than a modal popup or lightbox, there are several other tactics that should be considered to complement your modal efforts.

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Introducing Recurring Messaging

Today, we launched Listrak 5.4, the latest upgrade to the Listrak app, which introduces our Recurring Messaging feature. 

With this new feature, retailers are now able to: 

1. Schedule daily, weekly and monthly recurring messages to help drive revenue with regular merchandising alert emails 

2. Group reporting results by campaign name 

3. Pause and resume a series already in progress

4. Change message schedule and content on the fly for the next delivery 

Recurring messaging is yet another way Listrak is helping you Click with your Customers. For more details, contact us at

Best Practices for Extending a Warm Subscriber Welcome

Ross Kramer recently shared these tips in an article for Multichannel Merchant

Feb 23, 2014 4:42 PM  

Do you start off on the right foot with new subscribers? A new subscriber is eager to engage with you as soon as she welcomes you into her inbox, and your early interactions with her will set the tone for what you both hope will be a long relationship.

A well-crafted series of welcome emails is crucial in meeting – and hopefully exceeding – her expectations.

When one of our account managers was recently asked by a brand manager at a well-known global cosmetics retailer for welcome email best practices, he gave some advice that might be helpful to you, too. Here are the highlights of his email:

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Listrak Releases Results of Harris Interactive Study

This week, the results of Listrak’s recent Harris Interactive Survey were shared by Internet Retailer, Multichannel Merchant, SmartBriefs, Retail CMO and other industry media outlets. Here is our press release announcing the survey results:

New Survey Reveals Online Shoppers Value and Are More Likely to Buy From Emails Featuring Personalized Products  

Listrak, an innovator of omnichannel digital marketing solutions for retailers, recently released results of their survey questioning online shoppers about their attitude towards emails featuring personalized product recommendations. Results reveal that online shoppers clearly value emails featuring merchandise selected based on shopping habits and preferences; are willing to receive more emails if they make shopping easier for them; are willing to share information with retailers in order to receive more relevant emails; and are more likely to purchase items if emails feature products based on their shopping habits and preferences. 

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Ross Kramer dishes out Thanksgiving and Black Friday details

According to Listrak CEO Ross Kramer, Listrak customers had lots to be grateful for on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Early Saturday morning, he shared the good news:

- On Thanksgiving Day, Listrak customers saw 53% overall growth in eCommerce sales

- On Thanksgiving Day, Listrak customers saw 29% growth in the email channel  

- 57% of customers’ Thanksgiving day eCommerce revenue came via the email channel 

- On Black Friday, Listrak customers saw 70% overall growth in eCommerce sales 

- On Black Friday, Listrak customers saw 58% growth in the email channel 

- 64% of customers’ Black Friday eCommerce revenue came via email 

Ross adds, “Many of our mid-market winners beat the averages by doing a better job acquiring more email addresses throughout the entire year. They did so by implementing a combination strategy of modal light boxes on their sites, sweepstakes promotions and leveraging social media to capture customers’ email addresses.A number of our customers that saw triple digit growth on Black Friday did so because their email list was twice the size it was last year.”

For more details, check out Ross’s Google Hangout chat with Multichannel Merchant’s Tim Parry. 

Baby, it’s cold outside. Are you warming your IP address?

The telltale signs of the winter season are here: Trees are beginning to look naked, windshields need to be scraped in the morning and boots and sweaters have been broken out from the back of the closet.

Whether or not temperatures are dipping where you are, you should be considering warming up your IP address in preparation for the holiday season. Listrak Chief Privacy Officer James Koons shared why and how in a previous blog post and the folks at Return Path recently wrote a blog post, Don’t Let Holiday Hysteria Harm Your Email Program in 2014, with some worthwhile reminders,