Is your email marketing strategy ready for Hollywood?

When an iconic Royal Doulton figurine appeared in the move Skyfall, Listrak client WWRD capitalized on the opportunity with a replica. To help launch the Jack the bulldog figurine to stardom, Director of eCommerce Joe Schmidt implemented a carefully planned, targeted email campaign. 

Joe discussed the details in a recent webinar, and Artemis Berry summarized them in this blog post

Early holiday planning webinar link now available

Listrak, along with Lyons Consulting Group, recently presented the webinar “Early planning is the key to online holiday success” that’s packed full of actionable tips to help you get your holiday strategy in place.

Take a look to learn how and when to set goals, prepare and measure the success of your holiday email strategy and email tactics to improve your open and click through rates, as well as to see examples of creative, effective holiday email marketing campaigns. 

Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers


A great example of a re-engagement campaign sent to inactive users:


You probably heard the news by now that Yahoo will be releasing email addresses that haven’t been used in over 12 months. You can read about it here. Yahoo is now trying to re-engage inactive users, like me, and this email does a good job - it gives a deadline for renewing, offers several links to do so, provides help if needed, and even gives the user a reason to reactivate. 

Email marketers can use these same tactics in their re-engagement campaigns - which is so important. Everyone should be reviewing subscriber engagement and cleaning lists to get ready for the holidays. Why not try a re-engagement campaign like this to try to reactivate subscribers who haven’t opened a message from you in the past six months? If you can get them back before the holidays, you could have a customer! And for the ones you can’t re-engage, be sure to suppress them from future sends. They’re no longer interested in your products and services and continuing to send to them can do more harm than good.

Any questions - let me know!

IRCE 2013

Megan Ouellet

We had a great time in Chicago last week at IRCE 2013! With 9500 attendees and 600 exhibitors it was the largest eCommerce conference ever, and it was fun!

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

We made the Online Trust Alliance’s Honor Roll due to our commitment to deliverability best practices. We are one of the only email service providers to make the honor roll - read more here.

We hosted an incredibly fun and exciting event on the Evening Star tour boat, one of Shoreline’s premier vessels. We celebrated with over 100 VIP guests - it was a beautiful evening on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.




As industry leaders, we shared our knowledge with several in-booth sessions on topics ranging from post purchase best practices to turn one time buyers into long-term and loyal customers to giving advice on how to re-engage inactive subscribers. We had over 140 guests attend these sessions!


We also had one of the best giveaways at the show - our Monster Sales Jams vinyl record! If you didn’t get one, contact us and we’ll send you one. You can also listen online here.


Any questions on our sessions or eCommerce email marketing solutions? Let me know!

Rescue the 85%

Megan Ouellet

On average, only 15% of new online customers place a second order. We put together a piece that discusses potential reasons 85% of your customers didn’t come back:


Zombie apocalypse? Attacked by wild badgers? Abducted by aliens? Probably not. The more likely reasons customers don’t return to place a second sale are:

  • They couldn’t remember you
  • They aren’t loyal to your brand
  • They never heard from you again
  • They’re unsure of what else to buy
  • or you were simply out of sight and out of mind

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we can help you rescue the 85%


Our LifeCycle Grid solution automatically reaches back to customers at the right point in the sales cycle with specific messaging and offers designed to keep your brand top of mind so customers continue to shop on your site.

We’d be happy to walk you through it. Let us know if you’d like to see it or if you have any questions.