Our Popular Bootcamp Series Continues in Chicago

Next up in our popular bootcamp series will be a full-day Omnichannel Marketing Workshop being offered in Chicago the day before IRCE. 

Retailers are invited to join us to learn how to create personalized experiences throughout the customer journey using 360-degree customer insights and predictive analytics. 

Sessions include: 

Increasing Awareness and Acquisition the Omnichannel Way

Overcome Your Abandonment Issues: Remarketing Trends You Can Take to the Bank

Yes, You Can Make Monday through Mobile and Social Marketing

Post Purchase Power Hour: Building Trust and Loyalty

Why Algorithms are Better than Analytics 

The Experts Weigh In on Privacy and Deliverability 

Registration is open and space is limited. 

Baby, it’s cold outside. Are you warming your IP address?

The telltale signs of the winter season are here: Trees are beginning to look naked, windshields need to be scraped in the morning and boots and sweaters have been broken out from the back of the closet.

Whether or not temperatures are dipping where you are, you should be considering warming up your IP address in preparation for the holiday season. Listrak Chief Privacy Officer James Koons shared why and how in a previous blog post and the folks at Return Path recently wrote a blog post, Don’t Let Holiday Hysteria Harm Your Email Program in 2014, with some worthwhile reminders, 

Hitting the Inbox this Holiday Season - Your Questions Answered

Listrak recently offered a webinar, “Hitting the Inbox this Holiday Season,” in which our Chief Privacy Officer James Koons and 250ok Founder and CEO Greg Kraois presented valuable tips on what you need to monitor to maximize email delivery during the busy holiday season. 

A link to a recording of the webinar will be available soon. 

During a Q and A session at the conclusion of the webinar. James and Greg were able to answer many - but not all - of the questions participants raised. Below, as promised, are responses to the questions that could not be addressed within the hour:

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'Tis the Season to Warm Up Your IP Address

In an article for Multichannel Merchant, Listrak’s James Koons tells you what you need to be doing now to help make sure your holiday emails reach the inbox. Learn more from James and Greg Kraios, founder and CEO of 250ok, in tomorrow’s webinar, “Hitting the Inbox this Holiday Season.”  


Much like it used to be necessary to heat up a car on a cold day before driving, email marketers must warm up their IP addresses to ensure smooth delivery of holiday emails. If like most merchants you’re gearing up to increase your email sending volume over the holidays, now is the time to begin the warming process in order to establish your sender reputation and ensure maximum delivery rates.

Basically, you must begin by sending to a smaller number of subscribers on a conservative schedule and gradually increase email volume and frequency as your sender reputation begins to be established. Much like respect, sender reputation must be earned, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Below is a checklist to get you started. Together, these steps will help eliminate the major spam signals for IPs – heavy volume, high bounce-back and complaint rates and spam trap hits.

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Registration open for free Listrak webinar: Hitting the Inbox this Holiday Season

On August 13, at  1 p.m. ET, Listrak’s Chief Privacy Officer James Koons and 250ok Founder and CEO Greg Kraios - deliverability experts - will present the webinar HItting the Inbox this Holiday Season

The holiday season is perhaps the most challenging for getting your marketing messages into the inbox, and the webinar will cover why, what you must do to be considered a reputable sender by ISPs, what data you should be monitoring and what you should and should not be doing in your holiday email marketing strategy.

Questions will be taken throughout the webinar, and any not answered within the hour will be addressed on Listrak Insights. 

The webinar is free and registration is open. 

AOL Postmaster - New Spam Filtering

James Koons


Email marketers should be aware that last week AOL announced on their POSTMASTER BLOG that they have made some changes to their spam filtering.  In a POST from Lili Crowley, it was announced that based on customer feedback changes have been made to the handling of identified spam.  As a result, some senders may be blocked with 544 CON:B1 Refuses.  AOL’s Postmaster website defines a 554 CON:B1 as “The IP address has been blocked due to a spike in unfavorable e-mail statistics”.  

This type of error message would indicate that the sender has been blocked due to a poor sending reputation.  Senders should be aware that even tough they may have  been able to deliver email in the past without any major deliverability issues, they might not be able to get delivered today.

Listrak Attains EU Safe Harbor Status and Earns TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal

Listrak Demonstrates Global Commitment to Consumer Privacy Protection and joins more than 5,000 Enterprise Companies in TRUSTe certification

On April 25, the email marketing solutions provider Listrak announced its participation in the TRUSTe® U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Program and its certification to display the TRUSTe Certified Privacy seal. This development demonstrates Listrak’s global commitment to transparency, accountability and consumer choice, the foundations of online privacy. Listrak joins thousands of TRUSTe-certified Web sites in recognizing privacy’s ability to accelerate online commerce and information exchange.

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