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Canada’s Anti-SPAM Law Coming Into Force June 2014

James Koons

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law, CASL, is now a done deal.

Last Thursday, the Treasury Board of Canada President (and champion of CASL) Tony Clement approved Industry Canada’s regulations in their finalized form. These will be published in The Canada Gazette December 18, 2013.

Today, Canadian Minister of Industry the Honourable James Moore announced CASL will come into force in June, 2014.

Bringing CASL into being has been an arduous, but meticulously thorough consultative process. Beginning in May 2004 with the Federal Task Force on Spam, The Government of Canada, with input from hundreds of stakeholders with an interest in safe and responsible online messaging have worked tirelessly to develop and deploy the world’s most stringent and comprehensive anti-spam law.


Changes to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Megan Ouellet

In the next six months there will be some big changes to CASL - Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

I just read this great article. It provides helpful tips for email marketers as they gear up for the changes. 

  • Start collecting time and date stamps of opt-ins
  • Collect screen shots of disclosure language
  • Don’t send to those who didn’t opt in
  • Request opt-ins from those who have purchased (up to two years ago)