MarketingSherpa speaks with Listrak’s James Koons about CASL


Daniel Burstein of MarektingSherpa recently chatted with Listrak’s Chief Privacy Officer James Koons for a post titled Email deliverability: 9 lessons about Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

Find out the details of the lessons below by reading the post on the MarketingSherpa blog

1. A blog post is not a legal opinion

2. Don’t overreact

3. Keep doing the basics

4. Understand the two types of consent

5. Request further consent from some people on your list 

6. Take the opportunity to cleanse your list 

7. Evaluate your newsletters to see if they are promotional

8. Apply this law to other messages 

9. See the forest for the (maple) trees

And, as always, for more information, check outListrak’s CASL Resource Center.