A follow-up look at Gmail Field Trial Promotional Tabs


Several weeks ago, we posted An early look at Gmail Field Trial Promotional Tabs. Today, we’re following up with even more insights, courtesy of Listrak Solutions Consultant and Account Manager Julie Wahl:

Gmail is conducting a field trial for a more visual promotional tab, similar to how Pinterest currently looks. We wanted to share some information that we’ve put together for your awareness and to consider when creating emails. 

There are some basics to understand including how this will affect the way the email looks in the inbox and how metrics might be interpreted differently. Below we’ve outlined what should be considered.

  • You will need a verified Google + page to include your current logo and brand profile in the view. The sender’s image [logo] will be pulled directly from verified Google+ profiles for the sender. 
  • The main image has to be 500-480px.
  • Emails will now be represented by more than just text and symbols of your From Name, Subject Line and Preheader Text. This creates a completely visual experience to represent the brand.
  • The number of characters to use is being limited to 20 characters for From Name and 75 characters for Subject Line.
  • Animated GIFs used as the featured image will show as static.
  • All featured images are cached in the same way that Gmail caches all images in an email.
  • New engagement metrics will likely need to be considered with the new thumbnail view.
  • Gmail is relying on what they are calling schemas. Schemas are being used to determine what image shows as the featured content. 
  • If you choose not to use the particular code for schemas, then Gmail will arbitrarily determine what content to include and it could result in just text being chosen as the feature.
  • Technical specifications will need to be altered appropriately.  This provides more information on technical specifications.

You can find more information on the trial that Google is running by clicking here.