An early look at Gmail Field Trial Promotional Tabs

We, along with many of our clients, have been taking part in the field trial that Google is currently running for a more visual, “Pinterest-like” promotional tab. You can read about the trial here:, and we’ve also begun compiling tips and observations that retailers may want to consider.

 One thing that quickly becomes apparent is that with the new view, subject lines become less impactful. What is critical instead is having an engaging hero image that includes a clear call to action. That main image must be 500-480px, and additional technical specs can be found here:\.

 It’s also important to note that you must have a verified Google+ page to include your logo and brand profile in the view.  If you don’t, and you’re not designing your emails for the new view, Google will take its best guess at what to show, and it’s won’t always do your brand justice.

As always, Google is keeping email marketers on their toes. In addition to the considerations above, the new thumbnail view also opens the door to new engagement metrics that might need to be considered, as well - specifically, open rate and read rate.

If you have any observations or tips, we’d love to hear them!