Ross Kramer dishes out Thanksgiving and Black Friday details

According to Listrak CEO Ross Kramer, Listrak customers had lots to be grateful for on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Early Saturday morning, he shared the good news:

- On Thanksgiving Day, Listrak customers saw 53% overall growth in eCommerce sales

- On Thanksgiving Day, Listrak customers saw 29% growth in the email channel  

- 57% of customers’ Thanksgiving day eCommerce revenue came via the email channel 

- On Black Friday, Listrak customers saw 70% overall growth in eCommerce sales 

- On Black Friday, Listrak customers saw 58% growth in the email channel 

- 64% of customers’ Black Friday eCommerce revenue came via email 

Ross adds, “Many of our mid-market winners beat the averages by doing a better job acquiring more email addresses throughout the entire year. They did so by implementing a combination strategy of modal light boxes on their sites, sweepstakes promotions and leveraging social media to capture customers’ email addresses.A number of our customers that saw triple digit growth on Black Friday did so because their email list was twice the size it was last year.”

For more details, check out Ross’s Google Hangout chat with Multichannel Merchant’s Tim Parry. 


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