No worries: How to make sure Yahoo’s latest news won’t put you at risk

Email marketers are understandably concerned about the news from Yahoo that it will be reclaiming IDs that have been inactive for 12 months or more. Although Yahoo attempted to alleviate fears by issuing this statement today:

To ensure that these accounts are recycled safely and securely, we’re doing several things. We will have a 30-day period between deactivation and before we recycle these IDs for new users. During this time, we’ll send bounce back emails alerting senders that the deactivated account no longer exists. We will also unsubscribe these accounts from commercial emails such as newsletters and email alerts, among others. Upon deactivation, we will send notification for these potentially recycled accounts to merchants, e-commerce sites, financial institutions, social networks, email providers and other online properties.

there are still reputable sources finding holes in what Yahoo is positioning as a bullet-proof plan.

The good news is that you can rest assured that there will be no impact on your email marketing by taking some simple measures. As Listrak Chief Privacy Officer James Koons explains, “From a delivery best practice standpoint, we recommend that clients review the Yahoo addresses on their lists, identify any that have not opened an email in the last 12 months or more and immediately remove them. This is truly the only way to ensure that the move by Yahoo cannot affect them.”

For email marketers who follow deliverability best practices, this is simply business as usual. Inactive subscribers can damage your sender reputation and deliverability and should be removed from your list. Of course before removing a subscriber, it is certainly worth making an effort at reengagement.  Here are some guidelines:

Monitor recipient engagement and be proactive. Recipients who open your emails and click through your links are engaged, which lets the mailbox provider/ISP know that they want to receive messages from you 

If a subscriber hasn’t opened or clicked in the last 45-60 days - or two or more sends - consider a reengagement strategy.

If users do not open your reengagement emails, remove them from your list.

By monitoring your list and segmenting out unengaged subscribers,  you will help your inbox placement across the board.



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