The Purchase Experiment: My Life Is Made Of Cardboard Boxes

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Listrak 0 Comments

By Layla Thomas, Listrak’s Marketing Research Intern. This is the second in a series on Layla’s post purchase research study.

So the day has come: packages have arrived for Listrak’s budding post-purchase project.
(For those missing the context, check out my earlier post.)

Here’s a snapshot of the mountain that overtook an entire conference room, in case you’re curious.

It’s amazing, when you’re looking at a large pile such as this, how some boxes manage stand out from the crowd. When I went through the pile to track what retailers had delivered, the process was never the same from package to package. With some retailers, I could tell who sent the product with a simple glance at their clean, branded exteriors. Here’s a few favorites:

Others? Well, some others didn’t include so much as a packing slip. Yet our anonymous senders weren’t the worst of them. Here were my two favorite shipping nightmares.

First, here’s a retailer whose box was a little unstable. We received this box, as seen, held together with just a strand of tape on the opposite side. How the merchandise purchased somehow didn’t fall out is beyond me!

Secondly, we had the delight of a retailer who took the structural integrity of its packages seriously…maybe even too much so. Here’s one a coworker dubbed the “Tetanus Box.” Do you see the size of those staples?

Moral of the story: We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but sometimes we can’t help it when it comes to our mail.

Think about your customer’s experience

When a customer purchases from you, it’s not enough to just shove the product into some sort of envelope or box and ship it out without thought. You had the privilege of gaining a new customer who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of your merchandise. Don’t ruin their expectations with a terrible experience. Honestly, when some of these unidentifiable packages arrived, we were confused and perplexed. That is not how you want your customers to feel when they are interacting with your brand. Be sure your physical branding ties into your corporate branding to ensure a seamless experience across channels.