Valentine’s Day Retail Strategy: Add Animation

Thursday, February 11, 2016 Listrak 0 Comments

Marketing Research Intern Layla Thomas has been looking at the marketing emails of leading retailers and recording her observations. The post below is the second in a three-part series on what she's noting about Valentine's day promotions in email. You can reach out and say hi to Layla through LinkedIn.   

I’m not sure if Wallace and Gromit are to blame here, but there’s something really endearing about animation. Emails on the other hand…well, I hope it isn’t mutinous to admit they are not always the most warm and cuddly of creations.

Personally, I think that’s why the hybrid of the two makes for such charming marketing, and I'm seeing several retailers taking advantage by sprinkling some movement into their Valentine's Day emails. 

Want some inspiration? Here are a few Valentine’s Day emails that recently grabbed my attention.

Kate Spade makes sure Valentine’s priorities are right where they should be.

MoMA practices some perfect product placement with a light-up heart cube.   

Tiffany & Co makes a bit of themed animation series to complete the phrase, “Love is ____ .” I’m a fan of the idea, and even more a fan of the adorable animations.

To round things out, Indigo makes it rain hearts in their email-turned-gift-guide that extends the holiday spirit to both children and bookworms with just a few simple movements.

Have you seen any Valentine's Day emails that have moved you?