Is Black Friday Losing its Luster or Better than Ever?

Thursday, July 09, 2015 Listrak 0 Comments

By Donna Fulmer, Marketing Research and Media Communications Manager

I recently opened my mailbox to find this Black Friday in July email from Target:

My initial thought was that it was clever. Since the word "Christmas" in retail marketing is seldom used anymore, there has to be some way to still use the old "Christmas in July" promotion, right?

It got me wondering how many other retailers may be doing the same, so I searched the inbox looking for more. Lo and behold, Black Friday (and even Cyber Monday) were being used as far back as February. In fact, with the exception of January and June, I've gotten at least one email referencing the retail holiday every month this year:

February 27

March 20 

March 21

March 27

April 9 

April 24

April 30 

May 8 

As we begin helping retailers to prepare for this holiday season, it makes me wonder if Black Friday promotions do so well that they should be leveraged as much as possible, or if perhaps they're becoming overused and will soon lose their luster. What are you thoughts?