The Right Way to Send Daily

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 Listrak 0 Comments

I heard someone say customers tire of emails when retailers send three, four or five times a week. And she encouraged retailers to send SMS messages instead. While I agree that retailers should be using text messages to engage their shoppers, it by no means should replace your daily email deployments. The two channels have different objectives. They need to work together and support each other, not compete against each other.
I also agree, however, that some customers will tire of daily email messages if the only messages you’re sending are batch and blast. Hopefully that isn’t the case anymore. To send daily, you must send personalized and contextually relevant messages that are aligned with the customer journey.
Sending daily doesn’t mean that you have to send every email every day to every subscriber. It means that you are continuously engaging different segments of your customers to influence them and help them make the right purchase decision. Segmentation today is much more than just sending to a particular demographic – you should segment your list based on engagement level, browse and purchase history and on combinations, such as customers who have opened and clicked on a specific product but haven’t purchased yet. You can learn more about Advanced Retail Segmentation here.
Your most active and loyal customers will appreciate a daily message while customers who only open an email occasionally won’t. Typically, subscribers fall into four categories: new, active, lapsed and inactive. Your new and active subscribers are the ones who are most engaged and the goals of your messages should be to get them back to your site to complete a transaction. Your lapsed subscribers are the ones who used to be active but haven’t opened a message in over a month and your inactive subscribers are ones who haven’t opened in a much longer time frame – 3 months, 6 months, a year. Your goal with these subscribers is simply to move them back into the active category by engaging them enough to get them to open a message. Daily messages will work for the new and active segments but not for the lapsed and inactive segments. If you haven’t started segmenting your list yet, this is the best place to start.
For more tips on aligning your mobile and email channels with the customer journey, read our article “Aligning Email with the Omnichannel Customer Journey”.