Surprising Email Split-Test Results

Friday, March 13, 2015 Listrak 0 Comments


Megan Ouellet
Split testing email campaigns has been around almost as long as email itself. But trends are changing, and what used to work well might not necessarily work the best now. More importantly, with Listrak, you aren’t limited to basing test results on just open and click-through rates. Now you can measure results using the most important metrics - conversion rate and revenue per email.
Watch our webinar on demand to learn best practices and find out how you can build strong tests that provide accurate results you can use to inform future campaigns. The webinar included several real tests and we polled the audience to see if they could identify the winning versions. There were some surprises - including the best time and day to send - proving how important it is to always test your campaigns!
During the webinar, we showed a subject line test where one version used “FREE” - and the audience asked lots of great questions about spam filters at that point. Our Chief Privacy Officer recently posted an article that addresses this:
Retail email trends are changing. If you have any questions, let us know!