My Recent Shopping Experience at Lowes

Thursday, May 21, 2015 Listrak 0 Comments

A few days ago I visited my local Lowes and had what turned out to be an interesting shopping experience. Before we dive into this experience, it’s important to note that I had previously downloaded the Lowes app on my iPhone. After downloading the app I set up an account and the app conveniently added my MyLowes card to Passbook. While I was in the store I took a look at my phone and noticed the MyLowes card was on my lock screen. This is interesting because I have location services turned off for the Lowes app. So how does my phone know I’m in their store? Many people may not realize that passbook also uses location services. So while the app could not detect where I was, passbook could. While checking out the cashier asked if I had a MyLowes card. All I had to do was swipe the lock screen and there it was.
Two days later I received an email thanking me for my recent purchase at my local Lowes location. As far as layout goes, the email may not win any design awards but it gets the job done. What’s good about this is the cross channel customer experience that’s delivered. An in store purchase results in a post purchase email. The email is also using my purchase history data to their advantage as well. Recommended products based on my in store purchase are featured. Well done.