What’s working: Check out our latest Success Stories

Tuesday, April 07, 2015 Listrak 0 Comments

At Listrak, we love to share our clients’ successes, both to give them the recognition they deserve, as well as to help other retailers to understand the value of our solutions and strategically planned campaigns.
This week we published four new case studies that can be downloaded from the Success Stories section of our website. FInd out how Listrak clients acheived the following:  
29.6% increase in overall list size
37% increase in reachable online shoppers
70.8% decrease in abandoned carts 
157% list growth in 2 months 
52.7% growth in YOY email revenue
25.78% total revenue attributed to Listrak solutions 
International Military Antiques
19.63% increase in transactions 
47.79% revenue increase
18.52% increase in AOV
Mood Designer Fabrics 
15% of total automated and broadcast message revenue from Recurring Automated Campaigns (RAC)
Higher RAC AOV vs. broadcast messages 
3% increase RAC average revenue per email sent vs. broadcast campaigns