Press Release: Listrak Reports Increases in Overall Retail Revenue, Email Volume and Email Revenue Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

Thursday, December 04, 2014 Listrak 0 Comments

December 4, 2014 - Listrak, an innovator of omnichannel digital marketing solutions for retailers, recently released retail email marketing results for the critical five-day period spanning from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. The results are based on the aggregate statistics of Listrak’s more than 800 retail clients nationwide representing an array of verticals.
Listrak CEO Ross Kramer reports, “The statistics overwhelming show that retailers increased overall revenue versus the same period last year, sent more email every day of the five-day period and, not surprisingly, made significantly more in the email channel.” 
Revenue Growth
Listrak retailers enjoyed a 26% total revenue increase over the same five days in 2013. The largest bumps in revenue year-over-year were seen on Black Friday - 34.9% - and on Sunday - 34.8%.
Email Revenue Growth
Over the four-day period, Listrak retailers made 16.4% more revenue in the email channel than in the days Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday in 2013, with the largest email revenue growth being seen on Thanksgiving - 30.7% - and on Saturday - 25.2%.
Email Volume
Kramer comments, “It’s safe to assume that the increase in email revenue is tied directly to the 60% year-over-year increase in email volume we saw from our retailers this holiday weekend – Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. There was an impressive 78% increase in send volume on Thanksgiving Day itself, and 66% increase in volume on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”
He adds, “Cyber Monday is always interesting to watch, because it is both a workday and top shopping day. The peak sending time for our retailers this Cyber Monday was 9 a.m. ET and peak opening time was 10 a.m. ET. Not surprisingly, peak site activity occurred for our merchants at 9 p.m. ET – after work hours – with a smaller peak at the noon hour.”
Holiday weekend revenue attribution
For Listrak retailers, 30.8% of the revenue from the five-day period came from Cyber Monday this year, down from last year’s 33.9%. Black Friday accounted for a bit more than last year – 28.7% vs. last year’s 26.8%. Revenue attributed to both Sunday and Saturday was up slightly this year, 16.2% vs. last year’s 15.1% and 14.4% vs. 14.3%, respectively. The least amount of overall revenue came on Thanksgiving Day again this year at 9.9% vs. 10% in 2013.
Email weekend revenue attribution
Email revenue from the five-day period for Listrak merchants was very much in step with overall revenue growth. Cyber Monday accounted for 32.1%, down slightly from last year (34%). While Black Friday accounted for slightly more overall revenue this year, it generated slightly less email revenue this year at 30.4% vs. last year’s 31.3%. Like overall revenue, email revenue was up this year slightly for both Sunday and Saturday, 14.2% vs. 13.6% and 13% vs. 12.1%, respectively. Unlike overall Thanksgiving revenue which was slightly down from last year, email revenue on Thursday this year increased 10.2% vs. 9.1% in 2013.