Key Takeaways from Today’s Retargeting Webinar

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Listrak 0 Comments

Today, Ross presented the webinar The One That (Almost) Got Away: Remarketing Trends to Recoup Revenue. Below are some of the key takeaways that were tweeted during the session. Check back soon for a link to the webinar on demand. 
  • Forrester reports that last year 63% of retailers surveyed spent more on remarketing/retargeting than in 2012.
  • More than 52% of today’s webinar attendees send shopping cart recovery campaigns.
  • We recommend a series of three or more shopping cart recovery emails sent over a tested time period - often with a tested offer. 
  • Reachable rate is key - You can’t retarget to addresses you don’t have. Increase the rate with a modal popup to increase revenue.
  • We’ve found that the first shopping cart recovery email should be sent 3 hours post abandonment rather than immediately for highest revenue.
  • We recommend NOT including an offer in the first retargeting email. Many are successful without any in the email series.
  • The wait step between emails in the retargeting email series should be tested as well.
  • If an offer is used, single-use coupons are highly recommended for retargeting emails.
  • Subject lines are one of the most under-appreciated aspects of email marketing. Testing them is paramount to maximize conversions.
  • We recommend suppressing batch and blast campaigns from anyone receiving retargeting emails to avoid over-sending.
  •  Best practice - if the last email in a retargeting series still has a double digit conversion rate, consider adding another message.
  • Opt-out rate for shopping cart abandonment emails is on average only half as high as batch and blast emails. 
  • Consider using social proof (i.e. ratings and reviews) into retargeting campaigns to increase engagement and conversions. 
  • Of webinar participants responding to our poll, nearly 69% are running retargeting ads. 
  • Email marketers can pair Listrak data and Facebook Custom Audiences to achieve audience extension
  • Back in Stock Alerts may also be used as a retargeting solution - Also a great email acquisition and inventory planning tool.