12 Days Campaigns, Cont. - Days 7-9

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Listrak 0 Comments

Megan Ouellet

Continuing the discussion on MCM Electronic’s 12 Days of Savings Campaignstoday’s post looks at messages seven, eight, and nine.

If you’re thinking about implementing a campaign like this, you should be thinking about it now as it takes a lot of thought and consideration to pick the right products and to get the timing right. And, while you might think that the default time to send this campaign is Cyber Tuesday through Free Shipping Day (Dec. 3-18, which excludes weekends), you can get creative and send it early if you want to. Delight.com sent its 12 Days of Christmas campaign in September offering deals on early Christmas gifts!

The key is to be creative and engaging. 
The seventh message in MCM’s campaign was sent on Dec. 10. Remember, MCM skipped the weekends and only sent the emails on weekdays.
The eighth message was sent on Dec. 11:
And the ninth message was sent on Dec. 12:
I really like the prominent graphic letting recipients know what day of the campaign is on, and the fact that it links to a landing page that shows all of the previous messages. It’s a great way to tie the campaign together.
Questions? Let us know!  Tomorrow I’ll wrap up this post with the last three messages