12 Days Campaigns, Cont. - Days 10-12

Thursday, July 25, 2013 Listrak 0 Comments

Megan Ouellet
Today I’ll finish up my post on MCM Electronic’s 12 Days of Savings email campaign. And I’ll provide 12 best practices you should follow when developing your own 12 Days campaign this year.
The tenth message of the series was sent Dec. 13:
The eleventh message was sent Dec. 14:
And the twelfth message was sent Dec. 17, Free Shipping Day:
12 best practices for your 12 Days campaigns:
  • Build a cohesive, unified, consistent series by using the same template and including common images, messages, headers, and footers
  • Set expectations by clearly stating what day the message is on so recipients recognize the email as part of the series and know how many more messages they’ll receive
  • Include an opt-out option that lets subscribers unsubscribe from the series without opting-out of the list altogether
  • Promote one product per day, or one category of products per day - don’t push everything all at once
  • Offer a link for customers to view all of the emails in the campaign
  • If offering a deal each day, be sure the deal remains valid for the duration of the campaign
  • Get the timing right - Cyber Tuesday through Free Shipping Day is an ideal time frame, but you can really stand out from the Christmas crowd by sending the campaign earlier
  • Don’t start the campaign too late - be sure the campaign runs during the peak online shopping days to maximize returns
  • Be sure the campaign works with the timing, messaging, and overall theme of your other holiday emails
  • Use a responsive design email template as more than half of the recipients will view the email on a mobile device
  • Include “Day X of 12" in the subject line
  • Closely monitor the open and conversion rates of the messages to ensure you deploy future messages at the right time 
Let us know if you have any questions or need help developing your 12 Days campaign! It’s a great strategy and it can really help you make your holiday goals.