LUSH - A Business to Admire for Consistent, Stellar Branding

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Listrak 0 Comments

Megan Ouellet

Last week HubSpot posted a great article featuring 15 businesses that really get it right with their branding and messaging.

Congratulations to our client LUSH, number 8 on the list!
“The international handmade cosmetics company, Lush, believes in “making effective products from fresh organic fruits and vegetables,” and in “happy people making happy soap.” Lush stores, products, packaging, and employees (top right) all tell that story.
Their commitment to natural, organic ingredients is totally aligned with how they display their products (bottom left); Lush’s soaps, powders, and shampoos sit in their raw form in-store until the cashier wraps the product up once it’s purchased. Foregoing packaging oozes a natural vibe. Products that require packaging, like their face masks (top left), don’t hide the ingredients listing and encourage customers to recycle after use. All packaging also has a sticker on it with the face and name of the employee who packed it. Every piece of marketing collateral at Lush has a personal, no-frills approach.”