Ross Kramer: The Importance of Email Address Collection at Physical Store Checkout

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Listrak 0 Comments

Last evening I had a fairly pleasurable experience buying some new shoes at my local Johnson & Murphy store. I was a bit shocked to realize once I returned home that I left a purchase from another store behind in the J&M store. I did remember that I gave the clerk my email address at checkout. I was secretly hoping that I would get an email from the clerk letting me know that my purchase was safe and secure. Sure enough, this morning it arrived:

Many of us, including myself, have thought that physical store checkout is a great way to capture email to keep in touch via the digital channel. I would submit to you that it’s also a way for store associates to create amazing personal customer experiences. My hope for today is that other retail executives are empowering their teams to wow customers like Mr. Woodson did to me.